Monday, 26 May 2014

First there was the pocket, then there was THE PELICAN POCKET!

Well I've been all kinds of busy with various things, not all sewing related. But I have spent some time with my own designs.
YAY go me!
One of the designs I've been working on is a criss cross back tunic but with a twist. If you are not sure what a criss cross back (or cross over back or any one of the dozens of other names I've seen them called is. This is it...

These pinafores are easy to put on they have no fussy buttons or other fastenings to do up, they are also practical and can be worn with or without a top underneath to embrace the changing seasons. They also last for ages as they can be worn with leggings etc as your child grows.

Anyhoo! I wanted my pinafore to be a bit different, so I started thinking about how I could mix it up.

1. I love appliqué (NOT the sort you do on an embroidery machine but proper appliqué LOL).
2. I love experimenting with different techniques.
3. I love pockets




Anyone can make a patch pocket.


My special pockets were born.

I named them after this perfectly normal looking bird...

Ahhh reminds me of holidays in California.

Well normal until he does this!

Just how much can he stuff in that beak!

I called them

Pelican Pockets©
(yes I came up with that name, yes I have the copyright © and NO you may not use it!)

I'm not going to give you the nitty gritty of how to make them but let's just say it's a combination of tailoring and appliqué techniques.

But wait...
I haven't shown you the actual pockets yet have I 

Here you go

I don't just do clouds of course, I have a whole lot of other designs in the pipeline so watch this space.

These guys decided to hang out in a Pelican Pocket. 

I wonder how much you can really cram into a Pelican Pocket? I think some testing might be in order. Pass the toybox someone.

Now if you are itching to lay your hands on your own Pelican Pocket top you can find them in my Loubilou Shop  now with Etsy and Folksy to follow.

Kate aka The Literate Stitch